Useful websites

The following websites will help you find free online material, such as e-books, online journals and articles covering a wide thematic range. Feel free to browse high school courses, complex univesity courses and much more, through the following online catalogs.

  • heallink-logoCatalog in alphabetical order of online journals by Heal-link, the Hellenic Academic Libraries Link. Through this online portal, the members of Heal-link are provided with full-text access to online journals and books, as well as bibliographic databases. Access control is carried out through IP-address recognition directly by the editors, without the evolvement of My-HEAL-Link account creation, which is a personalization service.
  • pischools-logoOnline books from the library of the Pedagogical Institute of Greece. The Pedagogical Institute (PI) was established in 1964 (founding act Í. 4379) by the then Prime Minister and Minister of National Education of Greece, Georgios Papandreou. Based on the Royal Decree 827/1965 that ratified the rules of procedure of the PI, the library operated as part of the First Section of the Directorate of Administrative Affairs. A few years later, in 1967, the PI was repealed -and so was the library- under the dictatorial regime of 1967 to 1974 in Greece. The PI was re-established in 1985 (Í. 1566/85) to replace the repealed Center of Educational Studies and Training that had been established in 1975 (Í. 186/75), and it operated as an independent civil service charged with, among others, “scientific research and consideration on issues of primary and secondary education”. The library operated as part of the then newly established Department of Research, Documentation and Educational Technology, in which it is incorporated to date.
  • zephyr-logoZephyros is an access portal serving for the location of available books, journals and other material within the catalogs of the Greek Academic Libraries. Zephyros was created by the Technology and Information Service of the Library of the University of Crete. The focal point during the design and implementation of the portal was to constitute a uniform environment for consulting and retrieving bibliographical references from databases of the Greek Academic Libraries. Particular attention was also given to developing advanced services, such as the potential to create a personal page for the visitors to save their searches, records, etc.
  • freeebooks-logoFree-ebooks will help you find notes and textbooks for coursesrelated to mathematics and beyond. As you shall see, this online library contains material linked to computing courses, programming languages and mathematical physics, whereas new books from various scientific fields are continuously added.
  • opendoar-logoDirectory of Open Access Repositories.
  • esk-logoThe National Collective Catalog of Scientific Journals, developed and owned by the National Documentation Center, operates in a new online environment ( In the catalog you may search for bibliographical data presented in a uniform manner in regard to scientific journals (printed and online) available in the collections of Greek libraries. A wide array of search and navigation possibilities is offered, and for each journal title, information is given on the libraries in which it is available. The latest version of the Catalog contains more than 30,500 titles of journals held by 230 libraries of various types (academic libraries, research institutes, hospitals, special libraries, etc.) in Greece and Cyprus.
  • openarchives-logoOpenarchives is the biggest web search and navigation portal in an esteemed greek digital context of Science and Culture.
  • projectgunetberg-logoProject Gutenberg offers 42,000 e-books entirely free of charge, which are available for reading online or downloading.
    No subscription is required.