Welcome to the Library!

The Library of the Department of Informatics & Telecommunications Engineering of the University of Western Macedonia (UOWM) aims at supporting and promoting the educational and research work of the Department. The Library offers its services to the members of the academic community of the UOWM, as well as to a wider public.

Book loan and membership card renewal by the Library

Professors and educational staff are equipped with a personal membership card of the Library, which is valid for all the libraries of the University of Western Macedonia and it is issued free of charge. The card can be renewed at the beginning of each academic year free of charge.

Professors in accordance with Presidential decree 407, specialized scientific partners of the UOWM, doctoral candidates and postgraduate students of the UOWM may borrow up to 10 books for 30 days. Feel free to use the Library Catalogs-OPAC and E-list to search all types of material available in the Collections of the Library.

All the material must be returned to the Library that had performed the check. It must be returned to the circulation desk during operational hours only. Borrowers must retain the e-mail address they had filled in the book loan form for the period of time they keep the book and provide truthful information the desired book reservation.

For more information on book loans, please see the guide of book loans, benefits and responsibilities: Book loans.

Courses and workshops at the Library

In case that the Departments of UOWM desire to utilize the areas of the Electronic Reading Room for teaching purposes, particularly the units where workplace organization permits this without creating complications in the orderly functioning of the Library, they must notify the competent librarian and specify the desired days and hours of reservation at least 5 days before the holding of the seminar. The availability of computational resources during peak periods follows the limited time reservation pattern, which is displayed by the Library and allows computer usage based on time charges.

Electronic Reading Room

The Electronic Reading Room (ERR) is defined as all the available computational resources (peripheral and other equipment) located in the premises of the Library to serve the needs of the users.

The ERR offers possibility of access to all sources of information available in the Library, as well as all sources of information to which the Library has ensured the right of access. ERR also offers the possibility of connection to sources of information which can be of direct or indirect interest to the scientific community of the UOWM. There is also the possibility of access to a number of services and tools that are essential for covering the scientific needs of the academic community of the UOWM, including:

  • • tools for daily use (MS-Office, etc.).
  • Internet (controlled access).
  • systems and services provided by the UOWM.
  • scanning, printing, etc.

For more information, please visit the following links:

  • Courses and library tours
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