saveUsers may utilize the photocopiers of the Library to reproduce only material of the Library, using special magnetic cards, in accordance with the applicable laws of intellectual property protection (copyright). The equipment can be operated by users rather than the Library staff. In case that the photocopiers of the Library do not function, the members can borrow material that is normally non-loanable for 3 hours in order to copy it in equipment outside the Library. Users may obtain the magnetic cards from the Library. The cost of photocopies is determined by the Library Commission at the beginning of each academic year or semester.


printUsers may only print pages via a computer of the Library’s Electronic Reading Room by using the same special magnetic cards as those used for using the photocopiers of the Library. The charge for printing is the same as that of photocopying material. The amount charged for cards is decided by the Library Commission. Additionally, by the end of each year, the Library hands the total amount acquired during the process of charging magnetic cards to the Financial Service of the UOWM.