Computers in the Library

In this section, you may find information on computers for use in our Libraries, on wireless access to Internet that is provided in them, as well as on areas of the Library where users can work on computer or laptop.

Laptop connections (students of UOWM, departments and staff):

Wireless access is available in the Libraries of the University. In particular, wireless network access is offered in the entire building of the Departments of Informatics & Telecommunications Engineering and Mechanical Engineering for anyone wishing to obtain Internet access. In the Department of Informatics & Telecommunications Engineering there is a specially configured space in the Library, where anyone (student, professor who is or is not member of the UOWM) may bring their own laptop and work on a paper or find useful information, by simply making use of wireless Internet and obtaining direct access to the Library and the material it offers.

Note: This space is available only in the days and hours when the Library operates.

To view the operating hours of the Libraries, visit the following link: Operating hours.

Additionally, there are Laboratories with computers in the Department where Libraries are housed, that students and educators may have access to so as to make use of the Internet to connect to the website when there aren’t any classes.

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