Catalogs from other libraries

Argo – National Documentation Center (initials in Greek: EKT)

EKT databases
Databases generated or owned by EKT (e.g. National Archives of PhD Theses, etc).

Libraries of Humanities in Greece
They include the catalogs of collections of Greek history research centers – institutes and foreign archaeological institutes and schools situated in Greece.

Greek Academic Libraries
Catalogs of libraries of Universities and Technological Institutes.

Public and Municipal Libraries
Catalogs of Public and Municipal Libraries

Libraries from around the world
Catalogs of Libraries from Europe and USA (e.g. the Library of Congress, the Melvyl union catalog, Oxford University Catalog, etc).

Serials Collections
Serials collections (e.g. EKT union catalog, library of National Documentation Center/National Research Foundation, etc).

Hellenic Academic Libraries Union Catalog (HALUC)
The database is gradually being updated with the incorporation of catalogs from the libraries of all the academic foundations.

The European Library
The European Library is an online portal that offers universal access to the catalogs and the digital collections that are available in the national libraries of the countries of Europe. The user may easily and simply search bibliographic references, books, music, journals, maps and other material, most of which is openly accesible.

“Europeana” – European Digital Library
Through the website of “Europeana” (, Internet users worldwide may now have access to over two million books, maps, recordings, photographs, archival documents, paintings and movies deriving from the national libraries and cultural institutions of the 27 EU Member States.