Courses and library tours


The UOWM Library offers tours, guidelines and workshops all year round. Additionaly, the Library encourages the Departments and instructors to plan sessions within the library, adapted to their courses and assignments.

Tours and guidelines

Discover the abundance of collections brought to you by UOWM libraries. Tours are open to both academics and the public.

Get familiar with the structure and philosophy of the Library

The Library provides special courses at your convenience, covering the major pillars for the research used in the website of the library, library catalogs, databases, administration software and the correct way to search online sources. The courses are usually offered by the competent librarian, potentially with the assistance of an instructor.

Library workshops

The Libraries, in co-operation with the instructors, may offer a series of educational workshops with a focus on science, database technology and software administration, in function to the subject of the educational subject of the instructor.

Tours, classes and educational workshops can be conducted in the library in consultation with the competent responsible of each library, at least 5 days before the desired date.

To arrange an educational tour, course or workshop in one of our Libraries, please contact us by telephone (see Opening Hours) or by filling in our contact form (see Contact).