Rules of behavior

The users of the Library are accountable to the University of Western Macedonia for any deterioration, damage or loss caused to the library due to non-compliance or misapplication of the rules of behavior and they must comply with the instructions of the library staff.

UOWM does not have any responsibility for loss or damage of any of the users’ personal belongings. Keeping silence is essential for the orderly functioning of the Library and the protection of private studying. It is not permitted to use mobile phones or noisy items in the premises of the Library. The users accompanying children are responsible for their safety and behavior in the premises of the Library.

The use of portable computers is permitted in the Library.
It is not allowed to consume food and beverages, to smoke or use matches or all kinds of fire, as well as use ink pots or other items that are likely to cause damage to the material of the Library. Papers or litter must be thrown in the dustbins of the Library. It is not permitted to highlight, write or draw on the material, equipment, furniture and building of the Library.

Users must not place the material they have used back on the shelves. After using it, they must leave the material on the table of the reading room or at the location indicated by the Library staff.

People with special needs have priority over other users for all the services offered by the Library. In any case, the rest of the users should facilitate these people.

Users must not crowd the entrance and corridors of the Library.

In case of fire, earthquake or other severe problem, users must follow the guidelines given by the Library staff.

Users that use the photocopiers of the Library must not infringe the copyrights of the books or material of the Library. They must follow the instructions for the machines and request any help only from the Library staff.

Operating rules

Opening hours of the Electronic Reading Room (ERR) coincide with the opening hours of the Library.
At the beginning of every academic year, the Library offers seminars to the new students in regard to the use of ERR. The Library also provides information to users at regular intervals, either through seminars or other events –depending on the subject– for the new services offered by the Library. Additionally, it has the right to use the ERR or part of it for specific purposes, such as educational seminars, etc., that concerning the subject of the Library. In such cases, the Library shall notify the users of the availability of workstations by displaying the respective program of workplace reservation.

In case that the Departments of UOWM desire to utilize the areas of the ERR for teaching purposes, particularly the units where workplace organization permits this without creating complications in the orderly functioning of the Library, they must notify the competent librarian and specify the desired days and hours of reservation at least 5 days before the holding of the seminar. The availability of computational resources during peak periods follows the limited time reservation pattern, which is displayed by the Library and allows computer usage based on time charges. Library users may use the computational resources and peripheral equipment of the ERR as an aid to the educational process:

  • printers and scanners must be used prudently and only when needed.
  • peripheral memory (hard drives) can be used for temporary data storage. Users must take all necessary steps for the timely transfer of their personal data to USB Flash Disks, CDs or other means of storage at their own responsibility.
  • deletion of the data stored in the peripheral memory (hard drives) is carried out only by the operators of the ERR without prior warning.
  • the ERR does not have any responsibility for loss of personal or other data, which do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Library.

The workstations of the ERR operate throughout the operating hours of the Library and it is forbidden to disrupt these hours without prior contact with the competent librarian that supervises the ERR.

Any problems that may arise in regard to the operation of computational resources must be reported immediately to the supervising competent librarian, who shall take prompt action so that the problem in question can be resolved as soon as possible by the staff responsible for the computational resources of the ERR.